New Restaurant 18 D‘Calvache in Palma

A few months ago, Jordi d‘Calvache decided to open up at a larger location in Can Valero in Palma. At 18 DCalvache, you’ll find surprising 3 course menus at surprisingly affordable prices. The danger with going there once, is that you’ll want to go back every day!

18 dCalvache restaurant

This is what Jordi says about 18 DCalvache: ‘I wanted to create a space that’s different, positive, cheerful and fun where people can enjoy healthy, good food and where I can share the culinary experience I have gained in the last 18 years. The name 18 DCalvache lends itself to the 18 luxury hotels and restaurants where I have worked in the last 18 years, as well as 18 being the number of the street where we are located. We certainly offer more than 18 different tapas, and certainly more than 18 different flavours and dishes!’

Well, Jordi, you’re definitely on our top tip list.

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