Food and wine festival to be held in Banyalbufar

Banyalbufar, the picturesque village which has recently featured in a major TV commercial is planning a new food and  wine festival to be held in the village on the 21st of July.

The festival will be called ‘Eres Negre’ and is primarily a tribute to the ‘ramallet’ tomatoes which grow on the terraced farms in the area. Ramallet tomatoes are the variety of tomato traditionally used to rub on bread for a typical Mallorcan Pa amb Oli.

The area is also home to Malvasia grapes, a variety which had all but disappeared on Mallorca, but which has been recovered thanks to the dedication of some local wine producers. These local wines will also be on show at the festival.

Eight bars in the village will be offering a portion of tapas and a glass of Malvasia wine for the price of 2 euros. There will be live music for extra ambience and the organisers hope locals and tourists alike will flock to the village to enjoy its local gastronomy and beautiful sunsets.

One of Banyalbufar’s wineries, Son Vives, is featured on Skyblue Mallorca. The award winning wines by Son Vives, feature the famous Malvasia grape and are a delight to drink.

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