A Rose wine, coming soon from Son Prim Winery Mallorca

Son Prim winery in Sencelles Mallorca has recently announced that it intends to produce its first rose wine this coming year.

Son Prim has so far produce some excellent wines, but only white and red wines so far, so it is very exciting that they have decided to produce a rosé and we are sure it will be of the highest quality.

Son Prim announced that the wine will be made from one local and one foreign variety of grape and that they hope to produce a wine which is full of character and easy to drink – hopefully in time for next summer! Look out for more news like this on our Facebook page!

El Olivar Restaurant receives Wine Spectator award

Sommelier at El Olivo, Eva Nadal

For the ninth year running, (yes, 9 years running!) El Olivo Restaurant in Deia Mallorca has once again been awarded the Wine Spectator Best Award of Excellence. This is a huge accomplishment for any restaurant to be able to boast and we are extremely excited that El Olivo has been honoured in this way, as one of the most accomplished restaurants in Mallorca.

The award pays homage to the huge selection of wines available at the restaurant (some 400 different wines), and to the work of the resident sommelier, Eva Nadal.  Wine Spectator magazine is one of the most prestigious wine magazines in the world and it awards the prize according to the variety and quality of the wines available, as well as according to the depth and availability of information about the wines available at the restaurant.

We send our heartfelt congratulations to all the team at El Olivo!

Beautiful video for a beautiful restaurant

Check out this beautiful video we have created for a truly unique restaurant in Mallorca: Bens d’Avall.

Watch a professional cut Serrano ham straight from the bone

Are you a fan of Iberian ham?  Serrano ham or dry-cured Spanish ham is a real delicacy. It is similar to the French jambon de Bayonne and the Italian prosciutto crudo. The Jamón Ibérico is made from at least 75% black Iberian pig.

You may have already seen the hams hanging from some restaurant ceilings in Spain or seen how the ham is thinly sliced – now you can order a plate of ham and watch it being sliced by the professionals at Sa Punta Restaurant in Son Servera, Mallorca.

The restaurant has recently launched its very own ‘Rincón del Jamón‘ or ‘Ham corner’ so that guests can see how the professionals work with the ham and prepare it.

Sa Punta Restaurant also happens to be one of Rafa Nadal’s favourite restaurants, so for great Mediterranean food and maybe even a glimpse of Rafa, make sure you visit Sa Punta.

New wine at Bodega Tianna Negre

Here’s a fantastic new Mallorcan wine to try: Bocchoris 2009 by Tianna Negre Winery in Binissalem.

The grapes used to make this wine were manually selected and harvested in August 2009, two years ago this month.

Here are the wines tasting notes:

”A wine of intense garnet red colour with a deep robe. Well rounded aroma, with floral notes of violets, black fruit, and balsamic hints on a background of young barrel. In the mouth, this wine shows a good tannic structure, a full body, and a perfect balance between acidity and alcohol. Long finish with memories of liquorice and dark chocolate.”

You can visit this winery and try the wines, so find out more info here: Tianna Negre Winery Mallorca

D’Calvache Catering

If you are into haute cuisine and know the scene in Mallorca, then you probably have heard of Chef Jordi Calvache. He is a very talented professional that we at SkyBlue Mallorca have been following for several years.

Jordi has cooked in some of the best kitchens in Barcelona, Cataluña, and Mallorca. He also worked for some time at the famous El Bulli in Sevilla.

We have recently caught up with Jordi and he has told us all about his latest venture: his very own signature Catering Company. He has named it D‘Calvache Catering and the company which he is running from specialised premises in the Poligono Can Valero in Palma caters for exclusive events and creates signature personalised cuisine.

Read more about D’Calvache Catering.

Angel Wines receive international recognition

Two wines by Angel Winery in Santa Maria Mallorca (One of the many Mallorca wineries featured on SkyBlue Mallorca Food & Wine Guide) have been awarded medals at the prestigious Los Angeles International Wine Competition.

The white Angel Blanc de Blanca 2010 was awarded silver medal in the Spanish white wine category and the rosé Angel Lau Rosa 2010 was awarded bronza medal in the Spanish rosé wine category – Both great recognition for this Mallorca wine estate.

We highly recommend trying these two award winning months, especially in the heat of the Mallorcan summer! We can assure you that they go down very well, especially when accompanied by a Mallorcan sunset and a beautiful Mallorcan sea view!

More snippets of news are always available on the SkyBlue Mallorca Facebook page!

Gourmet event: 26th of September

Coming up on the 26th of September is a gourmet event not to be missed. For the first time ever, Marc Fosh (Mallorca’s celebrity chef) will be opening his doors to another Chef. But not just any chef, celebrity Michelin chef Tim Raue.

Tim Raue will be joining forces with the Chef at Simply Fosh, Nils Egtermeyer, to produce a haute cuisine six course meal at Simply Fosh, the gourmet restaurant of the Marc Fosh Restaurant Group here in Mallorca.

True to form, Tim Raue will be creating Asian influenced dishes, and Nils will be creating Mediterranean specialties. Tickets for this unique culinary evening are already on sale and you can find more information on SkyBlueMallorca.com.

White and Rose wines for the summer

More and more wine estates here on the island are producing very nice white and rosé wines – ideal when chilled during these hot summer days.

We went to see Pilar at Miquel Oliver in Petra.  Award-winning Miquel Oliver Vinyes i Bodegues has been producing wines to sell to the public since it opened in 1912 under the direction of Melchor Oliver. Pilar Oliver, the fourth generation of this winemaking family, aims to continue producing surprising and daring wines year after year in Petra.

We highly recommend the white Muscat and the new Alegria Rosé (pictured). Alegria means JOY which we think is a great name for this happy, easy to drink, summery wine!

Raul Resino at Satyricon

During a recent trip to Alcudia, we caught up with chef Raúl Resino, the Chef at Satyricon Restaurant.

Raul is a very talented chef from Madrid who in March 2011 came third in the National Competition, Chef of the Year. Earlier in the year he also won a prize for his Fish cooking.

Raul showed us one of his spectacular dishes which is on the menu at Satyricón Restaurant in Alcudia; an oyster dish on a bed of seaweed and dry ice – which is a real spectacle for diners! You can watch a video of him preparing the dish to see what we mean.

Satyricon Restaurant is located in the centre of Alcudia is actually an old cinema which has been expertly renovated.

Beautiful views, great food and excellent service…

It’s time for sun, sea and surf! Apart from fun at the beach, there are many special spots on the island with terraces that offer beautiful views, great food and excellent service. Such a place is Cap Vermell Beach Hotel & Restaurant ‘Vintage 1934’ in Canyamel.  You’ll find lots of information about this enchanting place on SkyBlueMallorca, as well as a video of Xavier Rue, the chef there, showing us some of his tasty Mediterranean creations.

Cap Vermell Beach Hotel & Restaurant specialises in fresh fish and lobster – you can even choose your own lobster from the live lobster cave at the restaurant!

This establishment is also a great place for a relaxing drink or snack. The bar lounge has one of the most stunning views in Mallorca.