Margarita Lliteras-Espinoza at Finca Es Serral

Margarita Lliteras-Espinoza has a long culinary career. At the family Finca Es Serral in Artà, she prepares seasonal delicacies with the help of her husband Sebastian. He still follows his ancestors’ tradition of using the surrounding land to grow fruits and vegetables, making Margarita’s job easier when it comes to creating dishes that are ‘fresh and simple’.

José Rodríguez at Valldemossa Hotel

Head Chef José Rodríguez at Valldemossa Hotel & Restaurant: ‘We use fresh products of the highest quality, and prepare them to take maximum advantage of the raw materials, without forgetting the presentation, which reflects the care and attention we dedicate to our work. We try to reach an equilibrium between things traditional and creative, devising new ways of working with indigenous products and adapting some more international elements in order to satisfy our varied clientele.’

Oscar Garcia Torrente at S’Àtíc, Port of Sóller

Oscar Garcia Torrente, originally from Almería, started his cooking career in the Basque Country under the tutelage of Luis Irizar. There, he worked in some distinguished restaurants, including the famous Arzak and Zuberoa. The most important thing, says Oscar, is for the ‘food to be delicious, and that our guests leave happy’. While Oscar oversees the kitchen, his wife Anna manages the restaurant, SAtic