Gerhard Schwaiger at Tristán restaurant

Gerhard Schwaiger, award-winning chef at the prestigious Restaurante Tristán with two Michelin stars, sets international trends with his innovative signature cuisine. Dishes are strongly influenced by fresh seasonal produce. Original flavours and artistic culinary creations.

Marcos Morey from Trébol restaurant

Marcos Morey has worked in many kitchens, has had his own restaurant and knows the business of cooking. His basic principles at Trébol restaurant include using high quality products from the Mediterranean, and to combine fresh, distinctive flavours with a colourful presentation. Located at Hotel Mision de San Miguel in Palma de Mallorca.

Sebastian Pasch from Sebastian restaurant

Sebastian Pasch runs his restaurant Sebastian in Deià with Patricia. He creates tasty signature dishes on a daily basis working ‘within a certain frame’ (some popular dishes like the rack of lamb are always on the menu) and with the best local and international products.

Jerónima Mascaró Pons from Sa Canova

Jerónima Mascaró Pons offers traditional Mallorcan haute cuisine, the way her ancestors used to make, using the fresh seasonal produce that her husband grows in the gardens. A real family business, she runs restaurant Sa Canova in Campos, with daughter Francisca and son Tomeu.

Marc Fosh from Bacchus restaurant at Read’s

Marc Fosh has one Michelin Star and heads the gourmet restaurant Bacchus , located at Read’s Hotel & Spa. Marc has cooked for over 20 years at the highest level. He incorporates combinations of ingredients to create stunning depths of flavour and presentation. His approach to cooking is modern yet simple with clear, clean tastes.

Gerard Deymier from Port Petit restaurant

Gerard Deymier came to Mallorca 35 years ago. Owner of Port Petit and a key figure in gastronomy circles on Mallorca. His cuisine could be described as modern Spanish, with aspects reminiscent of France, but always using local Mediterranean products as a base.

Rafael Sánchez from Plat d’Or restaurant

Rafael Sánchez is the head chef at Plat d’Or of one Michelin star. At this award winning gourmet restaurant he creates a cuisine full of pleasant surprises far removed from the norm. Innovative culinary creations all topped with a sprinkling of extravagance. Located at the Arabella Golf Hotel Son Vida of 5 stars in Majorca.

Luis Javier Aznar of Mediterráneo restaurant

Luis Javier Aznar, chef at H10 Punta Negra Resort in Majorca, is passionate about food and shows it in the creativity of the dishes he serves. The quality of the products, the harmony and fullness of flavours, as well as the presentation are all important in his cuisine at Mediterráneo.

Joan Olives i Mercadel at Malvasia restaurant in Palma

In Memoriam – The late Chef Joan Olives i Mercadel was originally from Menorca, and a man with a lifelong passion for fine food and excellent wines. He passed on his now legendary signature recipes to Toni, who runs the kitchen at Malvasia. The dishes at Malvasia are based on traditional Menorcan recipes and include the choiciest seasonal ingredients. Patrick Paulen, the head sommelier at Malvasia restaurant and his team continue to offer great food and service in the center of Palma.

Iñaki Sacramento from Laurus restaurant

Iñaki Sacramento originally from the Basque Country, has a deep love of Spanish gastronomy. His cuisine is based on the best seasonal and traditional ingredients, often using new technology to allow for surprising results. He and Sara head the team at Laurus restaurant

Koldo Royo from Koldo Royo restaurant

Koldo Royo is one of Spain’s well-known culinary personalities. He bases his cuisine on his basque origins and the Mediterranean flavours incorporated throughout his 18 years on Mallorca. His cuisine reflects clean, distinctive tastes. He and Mercedes run Koldo Royo restaurant located in Palma de Mallorca.

Jens Krumbiegel from Jens restaurant

Jens Krumbiegel has a passion for food and a great sense of humour. When he shops at the market he knows exactly what he wants and where to find it: ‘I need quality fresh ingredients in season’ – and he does not settle for second best. He runs his restaurant Jens with Manuela.

Biel Payeras from Jaume restaurant

Biel Payeras is adamant about one thing, and one thing only: to use and serve the highest quality ingredients, every day. He creates modern Mallorcan dishes, combining careful preparation and presentation to every dish. Biel and his wife Alicia run restaurant Jaume in beautiful Deia, Majorca.

Macarena de Castro from Jardin restaurant

Macarena de Castro, a dynamic up and coming chef on Mallorca. With enthusiasm and flair, she ‘redesigns’ the most popular, traditional dishes and creates new and exciting delicacies. Macarena and her brother Dani are the force behind restaurante Jardín in Alcúdia.

Alexei Tarsey from Fabrica 23 restaurant

Alexei Tarsey trained with the Roux brothers in London, and has cooked around the world. He brings together different culinary cultures, creating his own signature cuisine that is inspired and imaginative. Sacha and Alexei are the brothers behind Fábrica 23.

Josef Sauerschell of Es Racó d’es Teix restaurant

Josef Sauerschell, awarded a Michelin star in 1991 and 2002, continues to delight clients with his specialities which stand out thanks to the quality and diversity of the local ingredients he uses. Josef and Nori run their restaurant Es Raco des Teix in Deià.

Tomeu Caldentey of Es Molí d’en Bou restaurant

Tomeu Caldentey of Es Molí d’en Bou restaurant in Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, Majorca, was awarded a Michelin star in 2004. He continues to offer a creative cuisine with a traditional Mallorcan foundation using the best local ingredients. To all that, he adds a very personal and modern touch.

Joan Torrens of Es Rebost d’Es Baluard

Joan Torrens comes from a family of restaurant owners giving him a strong traditional foundation in the kitchen. This, along with his constant dedication to innovate and evolve, have resulted in a delicious, tasty cuisine at Es Rebost d’Es Baluard in Palma de Mallorca.

Joan Abrines Ramón of Celler Ca’n Carrossa

Joan Abrines Ramón, award-winning chef and professor, is well known on the island for serving high-class Mallorcan dishes based on ancient local recipes. Joan updates these to create a fresh, unique ‘new’ cuisine. He and Margarita run Celler Ca’n Carrossa restaurant in Lloseta, Majorca.

Miquel Gelabert from Ca’n March restaurant

Miquel Gelabert i Pastor defines his cuisine at Ca’n March as ‘art, communication and culture. Food should be the maximum expression of the products produced locally – not only to feed one or to maintain good health but also to help one live a happier life.’ Ca’n March restaurant is in Manacor, Majorca.

Miquel Vicens from Ca’n Calent restaurant

Miquel Vicens from Ca’n Calent restaurant in Campos continually evolves New Mallorcan Cuisine from its traditional base, while taking into account the agricultural cycles of nature. A big believer in using local seasonal ingredients, his passion is to create dishes with clear, synergistic flavours.

Juanjo Ramírez from Bon Lloc restaurant

Juanjo Ramírez pioneered vegetarian cuisine when he opened Bon Lloc, the first vegetarian restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, in 1986. His aim is to offer healthy food and promote eco-friendly gastronomy, respecting the earth and its inhabitants. He likes to improvise every day, based on what’s available at the market.

Benet Vicens at Bens d’Avall restaurant, Majorca

Mallorcan chef Benet Vicens leads the New Balearic Cuisine, modernising the traditional with a rich variety of local products. The result: a delicious, unique cuisine with clean, distinctive flavours. He runs his restaurant Bens dAvall in Deia with Cati, and offers his services as a consultant.