A FUN Time! Calçotades at Sa Masia

From late winter to early spring, the Catalans indulge in a fun (and sometimes messy) version of the BBQ called Calçotades. Calçots (pronounced calsots) are a type of spring onion that ripens at this time of year. Sweet, fleshy shoots are buried with earth as they grow to keep them pale and delicately flavoured. After grilling for a few minutes, you pull the burnt exterior off, dip in Romanesque sauce and eat. When calçots are harvested, huge ‘Calçotades’ (onion feasts) take place throughout Catalonia. The fun of eating the barbequed onions standing up (with a large bib on, of course) is followed by a sit down meal of grilled meats, washed down with red wine and then dessert. For more events please visit the SkyBlue Mallorca Calendar of events.